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Cardinal Logo
The Cardinal CG facility operates a glass tempering line. This tempering process is also used to fuse the glass with one of a variety of logos. The particular logo may differ in its location and orientation depending upon the size of the glass, its part number, which of the two assembly lines is utilized, or the specifications set by Cardinal Glass. The specifications may also be set to accommodate a particular customer, or one of their customers. Each may have different rules for logo usage and placement.

Unfortunately, the lack of communication on the assembly line between the different works groups created costly logistic problems and delays. Customers also complained of packaging errors, incorrectly positioned or selected logos. Returns and customer complaints grew at an alarming rate. Without a standardized system in place to provide accountability within the line staff, and a process to insure accurate logo selection, placement and orientation, Cardinal was faced with some daunting problems.

iNNOV accepted the challenge of designing a system that delivered the highest level of standardization, automation, and business process encoding. We engineered a live automated display system that could monitor the entire assembly process from start to finish. Our customized programming language made it possible for the supervisor to dynamically adjust program settings. We also constructed and customized dedicated hardware systems that worked in concert with the L30 software.

Cardinal Diagram
Our Solution

iNNOVís innovative L3O System simplified the communication between the loader and the unloader of glass sheets on the tempering line. The loader could specify what company, sub-company, part number, size of the glass, number of lines being used, and the line that the glass will go down. The system could also display to the loader the appropriate position and orientation of the logo on the glass, and display to the unloader(s) the correct method for packaging- the glass onto the rack.

This overview of iNNOVís custom designed L30 System should give you some idea of the breath and scope of our technical, software and engineering capabilities. We achieved our goal of creating a software system that could effectively eliminate human and communication error while increasing both efficiency and accountability. Isnít it time to consider how iNNOV can bring its considerable talents to bare for your company?

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