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>  Project Management Platform
>  Fully Customizable
>  Tailored to Individual Users

Imagine the time, money and energy that could be saved from an integrated company platform. Well, iNNOV did and the result of our imagination led us to develop LiquidTicket—our systematic approach to business automation.

Of course business needs vary, but the insistent need for productivity remains constant. Thankfully, that need doesn’t have to go unmet. Systems that were once hectic and disparate can now perfectly align, promoting an efficient flow of order. Routine and essential tasks can be performed without hassle and overhead is reduced by minimizing the amount of time spent on non-billable activities. Processes can be standardized and projects can be planned and managed in real time. Furthermore, LiquidTicket assimilates to your company's structure and encodes its hierarchy, allowing groups to share information.

Our software gives businesses a distinct edge, allowing them to control their entire operation with a few clicks of a mouse. What’s more, information is readily available wherever there is a computer and internet connection. LiquidTicket is entirely customizable and able to suit the requirements of any organization. It is also packed full of helpful features, including a variable permission function that can be modified to give users full, specific or limited access to data.

Where most procedures involving paperwork fall short, LiquidTicket exceeds, providing automated ease, while ensuring reliable and controlled experiences with every use.

LiquidTicket can also be used in conjunction with Liquid Commerce.

Note: Before integration of the LiquidTicket software, company evaluations are recommended to assess current needs, as well as the likely benefits of using our program.

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