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  Intranet & Data Intensive Systems
  Module Driven Architecture
  Designed for Rapid Development

We originally designed Liquid Infrastructure to solve specific functionality, development, and usage requirements of our clients. Liquid Infrastructure has since evolved into a fully-customizable, web-based, multi-user platform with infinite expansion capabilities. Liquid Infrastructure is fully compatible with all of our other platform systems: Liquid Commerce, Liquid Backup, and Liquid Ticket.

Since Liquid Infrastructure's individual modules are hot-swappable, installation and activation can be achieved without ever taking the server down. Liquid Infrastructure's built-in diagnostic systems also insure 24/7 functionality. Liquid Infrastructure allows for standardization and the rapid deployment of individual modules. This insures that information and resources are shared faster and without costly interruptions. Coupled with Liquid Infrastructure rapid reaction fail over, clients can relax, knowing that if a system does go down, they can automatically switch to another computer. This feature makes Liquid Infrastructure ideal for organizations that cross-use information across systems, or where shared infrastructure is crucial. Liquid Infrastructure can also communicate through the most formidable firewalls. Even with multiple projects in the system, Liquid Infrastructure performs seamlessly, guaranteed.

Every module within the system can be individualized depending on usage, allowing for user-level customization of separate modular dashboards. Each dashboard, as well as the entire interface, can be custom branded to reflect your corporate identity via logo, company color schemes, etc. Automatic back-up, coupled with variable access levels/restrictions, insure that Liquid Infrastructure offers the highest possible level of security and peace of mind. Finally, with the proven benefits of RAID technology, Liquid Infrastructure provides the ultimate in system protection and reliable backup.

I think you'll agree, with its plethora of customizable features and unifying Linux structure, Liquid Infrastructure represents a demonstrable advance in infrastructure system management. iNNOV has truly created an indispensable solution for today's business on the grow.

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