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Although similar to consulting, business automation is a somewhat more hands on task. We still advise on how things should be done and how they can be done better, however, we present more than just suggestions and advice; we deliver solutions that can alter the way a company does business indefinitely. By implementing a thoroughly modernized structure there is better control over all company affairs, allowing the freedom to focus on other matters. Responsibilities that were once a headache are now trouble-free routine.

  • Consulting on Software, Business Processes
  • Intranet Systems Design & Implementation
  • Operational Streamlining via Custom Software
  • Project Specification & Feasibility Analysis
  • Custom Systems & Management Infrastructure

We are able to automate diverse amounts of tasks, such as project planning and management, billing and invoicing, employee tracking, expense tracking, and task scheduling. If desired, we can even provide portals for client access to your systems. Furthermore, we create messaging systems that allow clients and employees to converse, while limiting emails.

LiquidTicket, our project management system is an excellent example of how we automate and reorganize businesses. Aside from streamlining communication within a company, and streaming sales and order fulfillment systems, LiquidTicket dissects entire methods operation. It works behind the scenes updating, simplifying and restructuring previously complicated and dated procedures. It compiles systems and ensures they function in unison. It also allows users to keep track of everything from time sheets to inventory tracking and client payment history.

Even the most practically modeled businesses can benefit from automation, as there is always something to be improved upon. Simplify your work life with a little reorganization as iNNOV shows you how.
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