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Your product may be the answer to withstanding issues in the market, but unless it is backed by significant investments in infrastructure—notably marketing and sales collateral, a website, and a plan—it may not get the attention that it deserves. iNNOV can assist with complete product development, transforming your ideas into results.

We've even developed products to specifically assist in the development of our clients' products.
There are several key things needed when planning to launch a product, especially as it relates to visibility. Before a product can be financed, produced, bought or sold, there needs to be a clear-cut illustration of exactly what the product is and what it will do. In this initial stage, we meet with our clients and discuss their vision for the overall product. Subsequently, we are able to define a brand identity or the personality/image of a product. This usually includes designing graphics, such as names and logos, and compiling images and text to be used throughout the development process. Once the brand is established, we create a complete and customized plan to market the product.

The plan, although tailored to each client’s preferences, usually consists of a website and a marketing strategy. Aside from handling the entire web design phase (web maintenance is also available), we incorporate the client's needs and desired goals into an efficient marketing approach. The marketing approach can be outfitted with market research results, mailers, catalogs, advertisements, brochures, exhibition/tradeshow materials and any other material needed for sales and marketing. This process is also illustrated below.

Let's say a client wants to market an extreme version of the vacuum cleaner. In their outline, they have discussed all the details of the vacuum, from its impeccable power to the busy "mom-prenuer" they hope will purchase it. However, they're deadlocked on how to proceed and bring it to life. This is where iNNOV steps in. We evaluate their outline and help them to further elaborate on the vacuum and its market. We then brainstorm and suggest any creative ideas or avenues they might have overlooked in the draft process. After we have a well-rounded understanding of the product, we further collaborate to define a compelling brand identity: one that is both original and results driven. Once the brand is identified, we design a variety of graphics and use them to create logos, stationary, and any other desired material. The client then receives a website, if requested, offering all the e-commerce capabilities needed to generate revenue, from sales management systems to full blown fulfillment systems. In addition, they are now able to present their product to prospective investors, manufacturers and eventually customers, as a result of their polished and uniquely targeted marketing plan.

At iNNOV, we're as concerned about our clients' products as they are, which is why our client base is ever expanding. Don’t trust your future to just any company, allow us to guide you to success.
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