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We are not just another web development company. Our industry is stereotyped by web development companies that are irresponsible, unaccountable, unorganized, and some even disappear. We pride ourselves on our ability to rise above our competition and provide exceptionally reliable, quality web development and maintenance services. Our philosophy is based on a multidisciplinary adaptive approach not typically found in the web development field. This allows us to respond faster to changes in website technology and the evolving needs of our clients. Below we have listed just a few of the things that make us one of the best in the industry:

bullet  Experience
We have a few hundred active clients in a variety of industries, all with differing needs that we were able to fulfill. This client base gives us the experience to tackle any project no matter how strict the constraints. Our experience spans websites made for promotional and marketing purposes to e-commerce and functional web-applications (used for integrated software systems such as Intranets, business intelligence, and manufacturing control systems). With a full time staff of project managers, graphic artists, programmers, and support staff, we bring a large degree of stability and talent to our projects.
bullet  Organization & Accountability
We manage our projects using a proprietary project management system called LiquidTicket, which takes care of task assignment and project tracking to manage deadlines and deliverables. We also create a schedule and incorporate deliverables into our development contracts so that we can be accountable. Our development process is standardized and utilizes a specification document which helps us better our understanding of your needs and allows us to do forward planning before the actual development begins. With LiquidTicket, you are able to track the status of development and work being done for your project, track project budgets, directly communicate with our development team, and see financial information such as past invoices, payment history, and task and billing breakdown to the hour and employee level.
bullet  Project Manager
Each client receives a project manager who oversees development of his or her project and acts as the main point of contact both during and after development is complete. This prevents our clients from having to communicate with several people for every need and simplifies their interaction with our company. Unlike our competitors, our project managers are extremely knowledgeable about all facets of web development and our business processes relating to them. They can directly advise you during both the planning and construction phase on the best course of action, the best way to accomplish a certain idea or concept, and how to best use the budget available. Your project manager also keeps you apprised of your budget and project status ensuring that your project is finished on time, on budget, and with the best possible results.
bullet  Marketing Control
iNNOV includes a quality check-off of all products delivered to clients to prevent unwanted errors such as misspellings, grammar, poor website organization, and/or items that cause confusion. Our marketing control processes work well with large corporations who have requirements for their consumer directed marketing and serves as an additional guarantee that our results are top notch. Our project manager will help you define processes such as multi level or personnel web based checkoff methods to streamline this process.
bullet  Maintenance & Support Services
We offer a variety of maintenance and support services after we have completed a website. These range from management of online advertising and search engine optimizations to modifications and maintenance that can be performed in 24 hours or less. We also have the ability to host the websites that we create so that our customer is abstracted from the technical details and can concentrate on their business. As your organization grows, we can consult with you on how to improve or expand your website and its functionality and further tailor it to suit your evolving marketing and strategic needs.
bullet  Personnel
We believe that our employees are our greatest strength. Our organization is driven by some of the best designers, programmers, and managers in our field. We recruit only the best and vigorously train them before they are allowed to work on our projects. All of our front line employees have had a minimum of two years of web development experience and have capabilities in at least two industry related disciplines. This allows a large degree of innovation, interaction, and cooperation in our project teams and keeps our creativity flowing.
bullet  Not just a Web Design Company
One of our greatest strengths is that we are not just a web design company. We have several additional services in associated disciplines such as graphic design, web application development, product development, online advertising, business automation, and consulting. This adds tremendous value for our customers since they gain synergies by working with a single vendor.
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